Creoso, ai edhel

hating everyone doesn’t make you happier

it’s cute when you hang out with someone so much you start seeing your phrases and mannerisms slip into theirs. <3


but then drama happens and you notice the same person trying to use your own tactics against you and its like


then you laugh cuz does she really think she can out bitch the queen bitch?




making some changes, in all aspects of my life. looking forward to seeing what will be the result of them (: in other news, Florida State Thespian Festival 2014 on Tuesday :D xxx message me if you are going and we can meet up !

i’m going to be opening a jewelry store soon. it’ll be up on etsy before the end of this week. based on how well sales go for the first month or two, i’ll open my own webpage with a domain name and everything. keep an eye out for any more updates, pictures, etc. if you have any advice for a first time seller, lmk in my ask xx


My mood depends on how good my hair looks

Virgo be like….




im such a sarcastic bitch it’s beautiful

meet the blogger
  • - The meaning behind my URL: i like oceans
  • - Weakness: controlling/hiding my emotions
  • - Who is my best friend: my dog
  • - Last time I cried and why: couple nights ago because kids suck
  • - Biggest turn off(s): basketball pants
  • - Tattoos I want: portraits of my dogs on my feet, and a bunch a small ones i dont feel like typing
  • - Biggest turn on(s): when boys bow down to me
  • - Ideas of a perfect day: spontaneously turning into a mermaid and swimming in the deep blue sea
  • - Life goal(s): world domination
  • - Favorite movie: lord of the rings
  • - A fact about my life: i dont people well
  • - Phobia: things that crawl

my initiate, Evangeline, is perfect c:

like really.

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